What are the hottest tech startups in Singapore?

Singapore startups are popular worldwide for technology, innovation and uniqueness, all thanks to a friendly startup and founder business environment. This why, entrepreneurs from around the globe fly to Singapore to start or expand their businesses. Singapore is well known as one of the world’s only remaining city-states. It is also known that the country … Read more

What is Web 3.0?-Next Generation Internet.

What is Web 3.0 : In the beginning Tim Berners-Lee Created web 1.0 . It was an information superhighway of documents connected together by hyperlinks and it was good around 2004. We saw the emergence of web 2.0 it even Alan sad that it sounds like Bps just a few days ago I love the … Read more

Bitcoin Mining Is Still Profitable In India?

HOW IT ACTUALLY WORKS ? Bitcoin Mining Is Bitcoin Mining Is Still Profitable In India. Before getting to the point of how to generate Bitcoin on your own, let’s take a look at what exactly it is. It is the process of creating new coins by solving math problems using a computer. However, these problems … Read more